Kicking Allergies Without Using Drugs

I suffer from allergies and not just the kind that come with the season, I either have a runny nose or a stopped up nose throughout most of the year. Taking care of my body is one of the most important things in my life but I often try to find a way to do it without taking medications. Medications often come with side effects and for something as small as allergies, I prefer to do it on my own without all the side effects.

Once way that you can succeed in getting rid of allergies in your home is to leave your shoes at the door. This works throughout the year and can also save you time on cleaning your floors. Such things as pollen, moss, mold, and other things seem to stick to the outdoor ground and then are carried in by the soul of your shoes. My family was nice enough to follow the rules when I told them that the house was going to be a no shoe house. Of course I have those moments when people drop by and I am not rude enough to tell them to take off their shoes so I simply just clean the floor once they leave.

Air filters can be magical when it comes to allergies. Most air filters work by allowing the air into the vent and then trapping the allergens into a filter while the air passes through it. Most air filters can be bought at stores like Wal-Mart and are usually very quite. Air filters can be a life saver when it comes to allergies.

There are other ways to protect your home from allergies such as dusting and cleaning often but most people don’t think to check their filters for the air conditioner or heater. I started cleaning my filters once a month and noticed a big difference.

If you have clutter, try getting rid of it. Clutter does nothing but collect dust and probably a few other things. If it is hard of you to get rid of a lot of your items, pack it up and store it in the attic just to get it out of the way for now.

Disinfectant sprays can now be purchased to fight mold and mildew, purchasing a bottle of this could help you to get rid of some problems in your air that you can not see. The funny thing about allergies is that you can verily see what causes your allergies and taking these precautions will help you to fight against allergens in the air and on the surface.

If you still can’t seem to tackle the allergies but you want to be able to live in comfort without all the medications, I have a few solutions that I have found to work for me and my children.

Make your own saline nasal spray by adding salt to water. This really does work and you can even save one of your old saline spray bottles to reuse with your home remedy for fighting allergy symptoms.

People who suffer from allergies also usually have a higher build up of mucous. If you want to thin out the mucous, try eating spicy foods. The spicier the better but it you are like me and a wimp when it comes to eating hot food, just add a little bit of hot sauce to your food and this should do the trick without burning a hole in your mouth.

If all else fails, take your mothers advice and stock up on soup. The steam from the soup will help to open up the passage way to your sinuses and will help with your allergies. If you are not into eating soup, you could always boil a pan of hot water and keep your head over it while covered with a towel.

Allergies can be a pain in the rump especially when it begins to interfere with your daily activities and doing such things as these, are sure to help you to live a better allergy free life.