Hypoallergenic Dogs

Have allergy issues but still want the incomparable companionship from man’s best friend? There is a solution; a hypoallergenic dog. While all dogs are not completely allergy free, you can find some that will cause you less allergy problems.

Hypoallergenic dogs can be found in several breeds including the Peruvian Hairless Dog that was given to Obama’s family. The reason this dog is hypoallergenic is due the size and naked body. Although it is not the fur that people have allergic reactions to, a dog with out fur is less likely to shed dander everywhere if groomed correctly.

If a bald dog is not your cup of tea, there are hypoallergenic dog breeds that keep their “clothes” on. Some breeds include Poodles, Bichon Frise, Chihuahua, and Schnauzer. Keep in mind that these dogs will only be hypoallergenic to their full potential if they are cared for correctly.

All hypoallergenic dogs need to be brushed everyday. When brushing your dog, do it outside. Be sure to wash the brush when you are finished so dander doesn’t follow you back in. Follow up with frequent baths will keep the dander from shedding off your dog and throughout the house. The best shampoo to use on your dog is with allergen shampoo that will be gentle on his skin.

After your friend is all taken care of, you still need to take care of the house. If you bathe the dog, wash his bed too. In addition to his bedding, the floor should be the only other place he sleeps and should not be allowed on the furniture; but what pet lover doesn’t bend the rules now and then? Still, you need to vacuum your floors and furniture. Maybe even invest in an air purifier if you have acute allergies. Over all the household cleaning, the number one thing to do is to always wash your hands after care, even after feeding. What goes on your hands ends up on you.

Future hypoallergenic dog owners beware: you will not react to the same to every breed or even every dog encountered within the same breed. Research the breed of hypoallergenic dog you are interested in. Then go hang out with one and see how your allergies react. If you were pleased with the result, introduce yourself to another. Several different dogs of the same breed will give you a better idea of your sensitivities and if it’s a good idea to own more than one. Puppies are also different than adult dogs so if you desire a puppy, remember that it will grow up. When babies, they have less skin and different make up of an adult dog. A puppy will generally trigger less allergy reactions in everyone.

Taking care of the dog to keep it hypoallergenic isn’t all you need to keep in mind when thinking about bringing a dog into your home. Having a pet is a lifetime responsibility. Every breed is different when it comes to personality and exercise needs. Be sure that you can provide every thing he is going to need to fulfill his end of the bargain of being a good dog.

Do your research on the one you pick and a couple to meet. Bald dog or not, if you are wanting companionship without the burning eyes and runny nose, there’s a hypoallergenic dog waiting somewhere for you.