Prevention and Treatment of Allergy Induced Asthma

What is allergy-induced asthma? Actually it is exactly what the name implies. It is asthma that comes on as a result of an allergic attack.

If a person is allergic to something their body will fight the allergen with antibodies. These antibodies can cause inflammation and irritation which in turn can cause trouble breathing and can cause the airways to become narrowed.

The allergen is most often airborne.

I was surprised to find that allergic asthma is the most frequent type of asthma.

When you look at the prevention and treatment of allergy-induced asthma there are actually three components or illnesses that you are dealing with.

You can treat allergies and asthma together; you can treat allergies only or you can treat asthma only.

Of course the best way to prevent an allergic reaction is to avoid the allergen. If you are allergic to short-haired dogs then avoid short-haired dogs.

Corticosteroids such as Prednisone will treat both allergies and asthma since it will attack and minimize inflammation and it also works very fast.

Another medication that works is montelukast or Singulair which is also called a leukotriene modifier.

Allergies are stereotypically treated with antihistamines that keep the airwaves clear and prevent a runny nose. This is important because the lining of the nose and throat are what can trigger asthma.

Once asthma hits people they usually have to use a bronchodilator to open up the passageways.

Of course allergy shots and certain asthma medications can be used in a preventative way to keep symptoms from appearing. The problem with these medications is that they are rarely valuable during an acute attack if one happens to occur in spite of them.

The best thing to do then is to identify allergens whether they are food or airborne that trigger allergies for you and also determine whether you want to involve yourself with preventative medication. (Long term)

The best treatment for both is steroids and the best treatment for acute asthma attacks is an inhaler or bronchodilator. The best treatment for allergies is an antihistamine.

One very point needs to be made here. A very dangerous allergic reaction is called an anaphylactic reaction. This consists of hives and swelling. Further it can cause immediate shut-down of the airways and can also affect the lungs and heart. It must be treated immediately and usually the treatment of choice is an adrenaline injection.

My wife once had an anaphylactic reaction which was triggered by newly cut grass as well as a piece of candy that contained Yellow Dye #5. This caused the reaction because of what is known as the “building block” effect. In other words, neither situation would have caused a reaction but the two together did.

Allergic Asthma can be controlled with just a little planning and understanding of its triggers.


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