Natural Home Remedies for Dust Mites

If you have dust, the odds are good that you have dust mites. Allergy sufferers know that a dust mite is the root of a plethora of symptoms, and the hunt for home remedies that will remove these mites with little more than homeopathy is on. Read on and find six home remedies for the control of allergy causing dust mites. These are natural remedies that do not require the use of harmful chemicals or poisonous insecticides.

What are Dust Mites?

These mites are not insects, but actually belong to the same family as spiders. Unlike spiders, they receive their nutrition from house dust, which is little more than a mix of shed hair, flaked off skin cells, clothing fibers, pollen, and soil particles. Dust mites barely measure half a millimeter and they are so light that even just walking past an area where they are located will generate sufficient updraft to set them airborne.

How Can Such Small Mites Cause An Allergy?

Dustimex estimates that there are 1,000 dust mites per one gram of dust. As they derive nourishment from the dust components, they excrete proteases that cause an allergic reaction in individuals predisposed to sensitivity to this organic compound. Unless allergy sufferers are aware of home remedies to decrease the overall number of mites in their living quarter, these dust mites will take up residence in rugs, carpets, cushions, bedding, and drapes in ever increasing numbers.

Six Home Remedies for Dust Mites

Natural remedies, tried and true home remedies, and basic homeopathy can make a huge difference in the life of an allergy sufferer dealing with dust mites.

Some like it Hot – Unless you’re a Dust Mite

The simplest of home remedies is washing bedding covers, pillow covers, and cushion casings at 140 ºF. The American Thoracic Society advises allergy sufferers that this temperature is lethal to dust mites and will rid your pillow covers and bedding of their current set of mite inhabitants.

Everyone Loves a Good Book – Especially Dust Mites

The simplest home remedies for dust mite control include a removal of those things that attract dust mites. Books are notorious for attracting dust and mites. Remove books from your sleeping area and keep them in an enclosed cabinet, where exposure to mites is greatly curtailed.

Homeopathy of Tannic Acid Keeps Sequoias Infestation Free – It Can Do the Same for Your Rug

When it comes to natural home remedies for dust mites, tannic acid can work wonders. The Earth Easy site suggests sprinkling it around problem areas where dust seems to accumulate more quickly than elsewhere in your home.

Natural Remedies for Dust Mite Control with the Help of Ecology Works

Ecology Works is a spray that is a mix of plain water and borate compounds. The EPA has tested the company’s product and found it safe for human exposure. The spray is applied to cushions and areas that cannot regularly be washed at high temperatures; it kills dust mites.

Filters Are the Best Home Remedies

Air ducts, heating vents, and even windows benefit from the application of an allergen removing filter. These are cheap but should be replaced frequently, to avoid breakdown of the filtering material.

Trap Dust Mites with HEPA

Clemenson University points out that using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter is your best bet when vacuuming. Remember, however, that dust mites are quite mobile, and their little legs can actually allow them to escape the vacuum bag. Toss out the bag when you are done, and they are gone forever.


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