Foods that Reduce Allergies!!

We all hate that time of year when our noses get stuffy and runny, our sinuses get swollen and painful, and our eyes itch like wildfire. However some of us deal with these symptoms all year long, all our lives! It’s miserable! I’m always complaining that I want plastic surgery on my nose – just take the darn thing OFF! I don’t need it, can never smell or breathe out of it, what’s the point?!

I’ve taken just about every allergy medication under the sun. From Allegra to Singulair (I take that for my asthma -doesn’t do squat for my allergies), from Benadryl to Sudafed. Anything to clear my nasal passages. The only thing that works 100% for me is Benadryl, but the drowsy affects of it make it not very ideal for daily use. I’ve also started to get a jittery side affect from Benadryl, after I’ve taken 2 pills every day for two or three days in a row. Not a good feeling – feels like I am jumping out of my skin.

I’ve recently started looking into alternative, holistic medicine. I’ve grown up a severe asthmatic, always sick as a child and in and out of hospitals especially around the holidays, and as a result I’ve grown up on pharmaceutical drugs. I didn’t know any better. If I have a health issue, I immediately run to the doctor and get a prescription. Now that I’ve had some altercations with pharmaceutical drugs, my eyes are opening about man-made drugs and how they are really just all for profit.

Here are a couple of natural ways to ease your allergies.


Nuts are good for you anyway, they have the good fat and with only a handful of almonds your body stays full for a good 4 hours – a good way to stay on track with a healthy diet. Nuts are also filled with magnesium and vitamin E. We all know vitamin E is super awesome for our bodies and its both an immune booster and an antioxidant. Studies show that the wonderful vitamin E is a preventative for upper respiratory infections. As an antioxidant, it protects our bodies from free radicals, which can actually damage our oxidative tissue which is one of the causes of our allergy and asthma attacks as it causes inflammation.


Red grapes in particular are good for preventing allergies and asthma. The skin on the red grape is filled with more delicious antioxidants as well as resveratrol, the good stuff found in red wine. A study shows that red grapes help allergies and wheezing.


Just more super foods that are insanely rich in vitamin C and antioxidants and anti-flammatory properties which can suppress your allergies.

**TIP** Fruits and Veggies that have a deep color to them have more goodies inside for your body! Eggplant, radishes, red apples, plums, you get the idea!


Canola Oil and Olive Oil are the best to cook with. They both have eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and gamma-linoleic acid (GLA). Both of these properties will substantially improve your allergies. EPA is also present in Walnut Oil, Flax seed Oil, and even salmon. Again, eat your nuts! They are also a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Plus they fill you up quickly!


These two foods are natural anti-histamines! How exciting right?? They both contain naturally occurring anti-histamines that can counter an allergy attack! (Hey, I’d rather have garlic breath then to take a Benadryl and be drooling unconsciously on the couch).


Especially if you are allergic to pollen when spring rolls around, it would do you good to start having a teaspoon or two of honey (local if you can). This will help you build an immunity to pollen. Plus its so yummy and much better for you than refined sugar!

So fill your body up with these scrumptious delicacies that nature provides to us and nip your allergies in the bud!

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