Five Natural Ways to Banish Allergies

You’re sneezing, wheezing and all you can do is wipe your eyes and nose. It’s allergy season, and you’re having a full blown attack. Before reaching for one of the many over-the-counter allergy remedies, try these natural remedies that often stop allergy symptoms after they’ve begun and when incorporated into the daily routine, can banish allergies for good.

Eat Citrus Fruit Everyday

Eating a citrus fruit each day can slash the amount of histamine in the body by almost half. Histamine is the allergy inducing compound in the body that triggers congestion and wheezing, slash histamine in half and half the allergy flare-ups are gone. Just one orange or half a grapefruit daily will naturally help to banish allergies.

Take A Green Tea Break

Green tea offers a wide array of health benefits, including helping to banish allergies. Green tea contains powerful antioxidants that hinder the body’s production of allergy triggering free radicals, fewr free radicals, fewer allergy flare-ups. Steep green tea for three minutes for maximum antioxidant benefits.

Strengthen Immune System With Fish

Fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, the healthy fats that keep the immune system strong and in good working order. A strong, healthy immune system launches a defense against unhealthy, invading bacteria, but does not over react, producing allergy inducing histamine, to common allergens in the air like pet dander and pollen. Eating fish at least twice per week helps to banish allergies for good.

Irrigate Sinuses With Neti Pot

Using a neti pot (or other sinus irrigation system) to wash the pollutants from the sinus cavity will instantly relieve allergy congestion. Irrigating sinuses twice per day with a natural salt and water solution during allergy season can prevent allergy flare-ups. Table salt has additives which can irritate sinuses, use kosher or canning salt when mixing your own solution or purchase a pre-mixed nasal irrigation solution.

Don’t Split Hairs

Your hair could be causing your allergy flare-ups and a simple change in hair care can banish allergies. Pollen and other pollutants are attracted to hair throughout the day due to the static electricity in the hair. Morning shampooers sleep with a head full of allergens (which transfer to pillows while sleeping) right next to their nose all night. Shampooing at night before bed will eliminate the allergens from hair and you can awake to an easier-breathing morning.

Don’t despair if night time shampooing isn’t agreeable to your schedule, prevent allergy flare-ups with this trick – Give hair a light spraying with hairspray before going to bed. The hairspray will keep pollutants attached to your hair so they won’t fall off on pillow or be inhaled during your sleep.

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