What to Do If You Don’t Know Whether Your Kid Has a Cold or Has Allergies!

When allergy season suddenly begins, a lot o parents just assume that a runny nose means that your child has allergies. It is important that you understand, that unless your child has tested positive for allergies than it is very possible that they can have a cold. The one thing that you do not want to do is just assume that it is just allergies. It is also important that you have your doctor test your child so that you will know exactly what they are allergic to.

One reason why it is so important to confirm that your child definitely has an allergy or a cold is to ensure that your child is treated with the proper medicine. Some parents will suddenly see their child with a runny nose and just assume that they are catching a cold, and give them cold medicine. Unfortunately if the parent is wrong then the child could continue suffering from the allergies, and the cold medicine can end up making them feel a lot worse. You should also educate yourself on how to tell the difference between the two. For example you should be able to identify what a cold actually looks like. If your child has a runny nose and it does not stay clear and the mucus begins to turn green or possibly yellow than that is a sure sign of infection, according to pediatricians. So this would tell you that your child has a cold. With colds also come a lot of muscle and body aches, so you will probably notice than your child is very uncomfortable and irritable.

The one thing that you should definitely avoid is giving them any type of cold medicine or allergy medicine until it has been confirmed by your pediatrician exactly what they have. Don’t wait on making an appointment, because if it is a cold then there is huge possibility that it will only get worse with time. Until you have confirmed that your child has allergies and not a cold you should keep them isolated from other children in the house, or keep them out of daycare. You don’t want to make a mistake and end up getting other kids sick. You should also not allow anyone else to tell you what is wrong with your child. Remember the only one who can probably diagnose your baby is your pediatrician. These are some good suggestions to think about when your child suddenly comes down with a runny or stuffy nose.

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