7 Ways to Rid Your Home of Allergens

Allergies are your bodies natural way of telling you it doesn’t like whats going in it. Your nose starts to get stuffy and runny, while your eyes get red and itchy. While there is no way to permanently get rid of the many types of allergies, there are many treatments. But if you do not wish to be medicated constantly for your allergies, try these doctor recommended tips to help ease your symptoms:

1. Install an Air Cleaner

Install an air cleaner that fits into the air intake of your air conditioner and heating unit. This will trap pollen and dust much better than a furnace filter would. Make sure you always change your furnace filter every thirty days as well. An air cleaner is pretty self explanatory. It literally cleans the air. The dust, and pollen gets sucked in to your air intake and, with the help of the air cleaner, comes out very unpolluted. It is worth the money you spend and you will notice a difference immediately.

2. Use your Air Conditioner

Using your air conditioner will help keep your humidity low, which prevents mold and mites from growing and multiplying. Also, if you install an air cleaner the air conditioner can filter the air while it cools. Fresh air is nice, but if your windows are open then you allow all sorts of airborne allergens to enter your home.

3. Purchase a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers can reduce the amount of allergens in the air. Drawing the moisture out of the air will stop the allergens from growing. The drier your home is the better you can breathe.

4. Clean with Bleach

Cleaning your bathrooms, kitchen, floors, windows, and walls with bleach will not only kill the germs and bacteria in your home, but it will also kill mold and mites. If you are sure that the bleach won’t discolor your belongings, then use if on everything you can. Clorox even makes a cleaner that has bleach in it that is safe enough to use in the refrigerator or on children’s high chairs. Anywhere in your house where moisture can build up is a target place for mold to grow. so keep those places especially cleaned with bleach.

5. Change your Sheets

Change your sheets and mattress pad as often as you can and wash the soiled in hot water with a small amount of bleach. Make sure you buy synthetic pillows, because you can wash them in hot water with bleach. Bleach and hot water will kill the dust mites (as stated above) and it will make sure you will have a breathable night. Covering your mattress in plastic will also help keep the mites out.

6. Get Rid of the Old Carpet

Putting hardwood floors down in your home in place of your old carpet will do wonders on reducing the amount of allergens in your home. Carpet holds dust, mold, pet dander, mites, pollen, you name it, its in your carpet. Most of the time vacuuming doesn’t suck it all up. If you must have rugs, then purchase throw rugs that can easily fit into your washing machine. Make sure you wash them in the hottest temperature setting to kill the mites.

7. Keep Pets well Groomed

Pets, especially dogs and cats, have pet dander which many of us are allergic to. Pets shed their dander daily and it circulates throughout your home. If getting rid of your pets is not an option, (in many cases it is not an option) then make sure that your pets are bathed and groomed properly. This will eliminate the amount of dander they will shed.

Eliminating the source of your allergies will reduce the amount of allergy medications you will need to take. Sure, taking the medication may be an easier alternative, but if you remove the allergens from your home you won’t need to mask your symptoms with pills. All in all, you will be healthier and your home will be free of whats making you feel awful. Just keep your eyes on the much larger prize: no allergies!!!

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